When and why did I settle on 1 on 1 EDUCATION?

Through my many years of attending various educations, I have learned that knowledge is a priceless asset, and that in order to succeed in business, one must always strive to learn more and become better. I’d come home from class with a mixed bag of emotions; elated at the day’s new knowledge and disappointed at still wanting more. Not because I didn’t want to ask them, but because I either forgot to or was too embarrassed to raise my hand in front of a group of fifty people who are content to sit back and observe while I constantly think of more and more questions. There is a set length of time and topic covered in a group education, and rarely any opportunity to delve deeper into the matter with the educator, and there are always new questions that needs to be answered.

The desire to share my experience and acquired knowledge with my colleagues drove me to focus exclusively on one-on-one training. This kind of teaching allows for more questions to be asked, and it’s simpler to impart one’s knowledge to attentive students. Please feel free to ask me anything; I view your curiosity as an investment in your future success and am happy to provide any answers you may need. I’m here to give you the best chance of success as a hair colourist by pointing out common pitfalls, offering tips on how to improve your technique, and offering guidance on how to build rapport with your future clientele.

I loved learning from the professionals who came to my salon for seminars, and the mingling often lasted more than ten hours. There was a great deal of back-and-forth in terms of knowledge, effort, and endurance, but also a great deal of joy and optimistic vigour since our combined efforts ultimately paid off and we became a winning team.

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