At the end of each day, we have a lot to be proud of here at the salon. Happy customers, cheerful employees, and successful corrections. The crew at Katarina Maravich’s salon is our greatest accomplishment; they tackle each new project with enthusiasm and passion for the end result—happy, beautifully colored hair for each and every client. Along with Katarina, our dream team also includes Ivana, Milica, and Nina. Each of them unique and with their own personality, and together they make up our ideal team.

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Ivana Stanojević

Salon manager Ivana Stanojević is also very familiar with her staff. She has worked on more projects than anybody else on the team, and those who have had the pleasure of working with her describe her as meticulous and detail-oriented. She is incredibly serious and committed to her job and to the finest possible management of everything that happens in the salon, and she accepts every duty in detail, calmly, and with a great deal of patience.

Since she was a teenager, she’s had an interest in hair and makeup. After attending the Goran X Academy and the Beauty Care School on Dušanovac in Belgrade, she decided to specialize in hair care and went on to study color theory with Boban Ristić. Later on, she received training in balayage, board balayage, and color correction from Katarina Maravich, capping off years of study in the area. She is committed to staying abreast of industry developments.
Ivana is loved by our customers because she is kind and outgoing, works hard, and values teamwork. Our customers feel like they have a friend by their side since she is constantly full of fantastic ideas for adjustments and offers practical and sound advise on all things hair-related. Not only can she tell you exactly what your hair calls for, but she’s also willing to teach you all she’s learned along the way. She is a fantastic leader, team player, and somebody we can always rely on since she gives her best to every customer and team member, is extremely creative and organized, and is constantly up for new ideas and challenges.

Milica Nedeljković

Our fresh and bright hope is Milica Nedeljković. Milica, full of life and questions, found her niche at Katarina Maravich’s salon right away.

Despite a lifelong dedication to beauty, she focused on hair care after graduating from the School of Beauty Care with a double degree in stage hairdressing. She had already studied women’s hairdressing at the Oxford Academy and psychology at the Faculty of Media and Communications before
deciding to specialize in color and finding her way to us. Shortly after training with Katarina Maravich for balayage and board balayage technique, she became Katarina’s personal assistant and the person in charge of ensuring that all trainings are at the highest level; she likes to be the center of attention, to learn as much as possible, and to progress very quickly.

She learned quickly and entered the realm of color, and her commitment to her job has made her a fast favorite among our patrons. Friendly, knowledgeable, and open to feedback; committed to ensuring that each customer leaves the salon feeling that they had five-star treatment and that they will return again. She likes making corrections with her coworkers since it’s a team effort that usually yields the greatest results. She brings endless joy and laughter into our lives, and we’re thrilled that she’s found a permanent home with us.

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Nina Karan

Katarina Maravich’s newest recruit is Nina. Nina, who is upbeat, enthusiastic, and has quickly found her position on the team and is making tremendous strides in her growth. Despite her tender years, she is a seasoned professional. She is dedicated to becoming an excellent hairdresser and hair colorist, and she is actively learning from the rest of the team and educating herself to achieve this goal.

She attended the Panjković academy for a year after graduating from Novi Grad’s “Petar Kočić” high school in 2019 because she wanted to specialize in hair care and styling. She realized how much she loved the art of hairstyling in the academy.
We are really pleased to have such a talented young woman on the Katarina Maravich team that leaves all her clients thrilled with the results.

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