Expert’s advice, Toners

What is a toner?


The yellow, orange, and red pigments that develop over time are neutralized by the treatment. Depending on the condition of the hair, i.e. owing to the hair damage itself, some treatments wash out faster and some more slowly. The more damaged the hair and the more broken the disulfide bonds, the faster the toner washes off. Getting an Olaplex treatment (which repairs damaged disulfide bonds in hair) can help slow down the rate at which your hair falls out.

The use of topping is crucial if you want your balayage to last. It refreshes your colour and makes it look like the first day after colouring. Incorporating the toner into your treatment helps to preserve the results of the salon’s colouring processes. Once every three to four weeks, we do a toner refresh. Its purpose is to eliminate any unwanted pigments (yellow, orange and red).

When applied properly, the toner will not cause damage to the hair. We use demi colours during toner treatment. They’re high-quality, nourishing, and will make your hair look great thanks to their wholesome ingredients.

You only need to set aside half an hour in the salon for a toner treatment.

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